Thomas M. Pors has been practicing water law in the state of Washington for over thirty years.  He has significant experience helping clients obtain new water right permits and change/transfer approvals.  He is also experienced with Water Code enforcement and defense of penalties; water right adjudication; municipal water system planning and water right assessments; and litigation in all courts regarding water rights. He has written dozens articles and is a frequent lecturer on the subject of water rights.

Practice Areas

Litigation: Tom has challenged Department of Ecology decisions before the Pollution Control Hearings Board and state courts, including permit application denials, water right adjudications, water code penalty appeals, the interpretation of municipal water right portfolios, and instream flow rules.

Water Right Assessments:  Tom helps municipal water systems throughout Washington State assess the scope and validity of their water rights as part of their water system planning. He has assessed dozens of municipal water right portfolios and corrected numerous mistakes by government officials in earlier interpretations and decisions involving those water rights. These assessments give water system managers, consulting engineers, and elected officials confidence that their water rights are protected and preserved for future growth. These assessments are also the foundation for future decision-making that maximizes the potential usage and value of water rights while minimizing risk.  See my brochure.

Water Rights Acquisitions and Transfers:  Tom has extensive experience helping water users obtain new water rights; buy, sell and transfer existing water rights; and protect their water rights from loss or diminishment.

Land Use and Environmental Law:  Tom also has over 35 years’ experience in land use and environmental law, including project permitting and environmental review of complex projects, public hearings before multiple jurisdictions and hearing examiners, and litigation relating to land use permit appeals.